Wednesday October 04, 2023

Easier security control at Helsinki Airport to allow liquid in hand baggage

Published : 07 Mar 2023, 23:10

  DF Report
Photo: Finavia.

Passengers travelling from Helsinki Airport will be allowed to carry liquid containers of over 100 ml in hand baggage as country´s airports operator Finavia is making the security control easier from summer.

At the beginning of the summer, the airport’s remaining old security control equipment will be replaced by next-generation technology that makes it possible to carry liquid containers, said Finavia in a press release on Tuesday.

“A year ago, we introduced advanced security control technology at Helsinki Airport. These devices eliminated the need to remove liquids and electronics from hand baggage, which has made security control faster,” said Ari Kumara, Vice President - Security at Finavia.

Finavia will installs more ultra-modern security control equipment at the airport during the summer.

“This is a significant step forward since the worldwide adoption of the EU liquid regulations in 2006. We are at the forefront of security control development as similar new technology is currently used only at a very limited number of major European airports and at some airports in the United States,” Kumara said.

Until the summer, Helsinki Airport will still have both new and old security control technology in use.

Therefore, air passengers are, for the time being, advised to follow the current hand baggage packing instructions.

The new procedure only applies to passengers departing from Helsinki. The liquid restrictions will continue to apply to passengers departing from Finavia’s regional airports and transfer passengers coming to Helsinki Airport from outside the EU.

“We want to be the leading European airport company in service development. It is important for us to serve our passengers as well as possible and provide high-quality services at our airports. We believe that with the new technology, we can offer our passengers a more relaxed and smoother start to their journey,” said Ari Kumara.