Sunday August 14, 2022

Tallink carries highest passengers in a month in 3 years

Published : 04 Aug 2022, 02:12

  DF Report

File Photo: Visit Finland.

Cruise ship operator Tallink Grupp carried highest number of passengers in one month in the last three years, said the company in a press release on Wednesday.

The group has announced carrying a total of 897 828 passengers in July this year, which is the highest number of passengers carried in a month by the company since August 2019 and also a 102.2% increase on the same month last year (444 112 passengers carried in July 2021).

The number of cargo units carried in July 2022 increased by 17.8% to 32 700 units (27 766 in July 2021) and the number of passenger vehicles increased by 46.6% to 127 039 vehicles in the same comparison (86 665 passenger vehicles in July 2021).

The biggest increase in passenger numbers is evident on the Finland-Sweden routes with passenger numbers increasing by 141.9% in July 2022 compared to last year, but steady growth is also visible on the company’s other routes between Estonia and Finland and Estonia and Sweden.

The growth is partly attributable to more vessels being operated on the routes for the whole month as compared to the same period in 2021, but partly also to increased traveller confidence following the lifting of the last COVID restrictions in spring 2022 and the COVID situation stabilising in all key home markets.

“It has taken 34 months to see the kind of passenger numbers we were used to seeing before the COVID pandemic, but I am pleased that we have been able to prove that with hard work, good teamwork and loyal customers, it is possible,” said Tallink Grupp’s Chief Executive Officer Paavo Nõgene.

“We are happy that we have seen our Finnish customers return on board in greater numbers again and that customers from a bit further afield in Western Europe have also found their way back to us in July in particular,” the CEO added.