Saturday June 25, 2022

Finnair lifts face mask requirement on flights

Published : 22 Apr 2022, 02:58

  DF Report

File Photo: Finnair by Mikko Ryhänen.

National flag carrier Finnair on Thursday decided to lift the requirement to wear a face mask on board all flights from 25 April, said Finnair in a press release.

Passengers and crew are no longer required to wear a face mask onboard Finnair flights, unless it is specifically required by the authorities of the destination or origin country.

Those who wish to continue to wear a mask when traveling are naturally welcome to do so.

“The aircraft is regarded as a low-risk environment for coronavirus transmission. However, if you want to have additional protection for personal reasons, you can always wear an FFP2 or FFP3 mask, both of which offer excellent protection against viruses even if others on board are not wearing masks,” said Kimmo Ketola, Medical Director at Finnair.

Many countries still require that masks are worn onboard flights to and from the destination. On such flights, both crew and passengers are required to wear a face mask throughout the flight.

Passengers can check the list of countries requiring masks onboard from Finnair website.

Masks are not, for example, required on domestic flights and on flights to and from Scandinavia, whereas on flights to and from Asia and many European destinations masks are still required.