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1 more pet relief area opened at Helsinki Airport

Published : 18 Dec 2021, 01:26

  DF Report

Photo: Finavia.

Country´s airports operator Finavia on opened one more pet relief area at the Helsinki Airport to make travelling with a pet more convenient, said Finavia in a press release on Thursday.

It is the third pet relief area at the Helsinki Airport, which is especially intended for dogs, is located next to the new entrance building of Terminal 2.

At the beginning of 2020, the first two pet relief areas were opened in the indoor areas of Helsinki Airport: one at the old main entrance of Terminal 2 and the other in the non-Schengen area.

On an average about 10,000 dogs pass through Helsinki Airport each year.

“Our previous pet relief areas have become well-established and they have been in heavy use, so we decided to expand the popular concept. Another outdoor pet relief area has been opened in front of the new entrance building of Terminal 2,” said Finavia’s Head of Passenger Services and Development at Helsinki Airport Hanna Hämäläinen.

Finavia wants to pay special attention to the well-being of animals to make travel as comfortable as possible for all passengers.

The Finavia official said the pet relief areas are designed primarily for dogs, but other pets can use them as well.

Solid waste needs to be collected in a bag and placed in a rubbish bin, just as one would when walking a dog anywhere else. To maintain a good level of hygiene, Finavia carries out regular cleaning of the pet toilets.

A central location in front of Terminal 2, on the same side as the bus terminal, was selected for the new pet relief area. It is easy for both arriving and departing passengers to use the area, regardless of what mode of transport they have arrived by. The area is also within easy reach for arriving passengers.

“The area is clearly marked to distinguish it from other green areas. For passengers arriving by bus, the area is practically right in front of them. Passengers arriving from the new parking facility or the railway station can find the area just outside the nearest entrance to the terminal, by following the signs for the bus station. Passengers arriving by taxi or getting dropped off by car can find the area by going down an escalator and exiting the building through the nearest entrance, also towards the bus station. There are also clear signs for the new pet toilet inside the terminal,” Hämäläinen explained.

“Pets and assistance dogs are important travel partners, so the needs of this target group were taken into account right from the planning phase of the terminal expansion project. A multidisciplinary team is responsible for the design, including several pet owners for whom this issue is important,” the official added.