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Top 7 Winter Memories in Lapland

Published : 06 Jul 2020, 21:50

Updated : 06 Jul 2020, 21:59

  By Levi Holidays

Photo source: Levi Holidays.

Have you ever wanted to spend a vacation in a winter wonderland? Visiting Antarctica is very difficult and costly for most people. The Arctic Circle is easier. Go to Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, and you will be welcomed by the stunning aurora borealis and its dancing lights, tons of snow, reindeer, huskies, frozen lakes and rivers, ancient pine forests, and one of the best skiing areas of Europe. This is also the home of Santa Claus. It will be a trip of a lifetime.

Lapland is not exclusively in Finland. It covers a wide area of 100,366 square kilometers and is spread across Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. But the Finnish Lapland is often considered to be the most beautiful. There are plenty of activities to do here, especially during the winter.

Here are some top winter memories you can have in the Finnish Lapland.

1. The Stunning Northern Lights

You will rarely find an experience that is more surreal. See the dancing lights of the aura borealis within the Arctic Circle. Always shifting and in so many colors, it will be a fantastic experience you will remember for long. People travel for thousands of miles only to see this natural spectacle. You can see the northern lights from Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, which is buried in snow for almost five months.

See the lights from the town, or better still, go into the wilderness where there is zero light pollution. Camp in the wilderness for a stunning aurora view. You get the best views when the night is the darkest. You can even see the lights as a reflection from a lake – a unique double view. There are northern light flights too that take off from the Rovaniemi airport. The flight will give you a view even when the conditions are overcast because you will go above the clouds.

2. Reindeer Safari

The reindeer is a popular mascot of Lapland. You will see these wonderful beasts everywhere, even in the cities and towns, and certainly in the wilderness areas. We all have the memory of Santa riding on his reindeer etched in our memories.

You can also ride a reindeer while you are in Lapland. Go on a short sleigh ride, or better still, be more adventurous, and try a reindeer safari. This will be a very authentic way of exploring the wilderness. There are multi-day safaris too where you go deeper into the national parks and truly understand Europe’s last wilderness areas.

Make Levi Finland your base for all Lapland adventures. Levi is a small resort town in the Arctic Circle. It is one of the best skiing resorts in all of Europe. Many reindeer safaris start from Levi. You can also go hiking through the national parks nearby. There are many frozen lakes and rivers close to the town. You can also see the northern lights. Levi Holidays offers plenty of adventures for all kinds of tourists. Click here for more.

3. A Husky Safari

Huskies are adorable Siberian dogs. They are very pretty and perfectly adopted to the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle. They are cheerful, happy, and always brimming with energy. Ride a sledge pulled by a group of these wonderful dogs. You will remember this ride through the remote wilderness of Lapland throughout your life. During rest time, feed cookies to these dogs and play with them. This is an activity to enjoy for the entire family.

4. Meet Santa Claus

No trip to Lapland is complete without visiting the official home of Santa Claus. It is just north of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. Only a 30-minute bus ride from the city. Visit the office of the old man where you can even meet Santa Claus and talk to him. Take pictures. Go to his cavern and post office where you will see many Christmas items. Send a postcard back home with a unique stamp. The village also has many souvenir shops, restaurants, and colorful ice sculptures. A trip to Santa Village is a must-do, especially if you are traveling with kids.

The Santa Park is close to the village. It is a theme park with ice galleries, sleigh rides, elf shows, and many family-oriented workshops. Go to Mrs. Gingerbread’s kitchen where your kids can decorate cookies. Adults can spend time at the ice bar.

5. Snowmobiling

Ride on a snowmobile on a frozen lake during the winter season. Much of Lapland, including Rovaniemi and Levi will be under heavy snow this time of the year. Zoom through the nature and feel the air and snow brush across your face. As you ride, you will see beautiful picture-postcard nature views. Explore the ancient forests and the landscape. Reach far corners of the wilderness where only you and your party will be there. Snowmobiling is a favorite activity in Lapland.

6. Snowshoeing

Slower than snowmobiling but no less enjoyable. Wear the right snowshoes and walk on snow and ice. It is simple. You will find these shoes on rent at many places. You can walk through the forest and even on frozen lakes and rivers. Snowmobiling will be more complicated on the rivers and lakes as the vehicles are big and heavy. The additional weight can make the ice crack, causing an accident.

7. Ice Fishing

There is no better way to spend a lazy afternoon in Lapland. Try ice fishing on a frozen lake or river. There are hundreds of lakes to choose from and many rivers. There are guides who will help you pick the right spots, drill a hole, and will also give you the equipment you need. You have chance to catch salmon and trout. Fishing expeditions are also organized on the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden. You can catch cod, crabs, and other marine life.

You should also visit a traditional Finnish sauna and the snow castle at Kemi. Go on an ice-breaker cruise, also from Kemi.