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Finland to join EU Battle Group in 2024

Published : 27 Nov 2021, 01:11

Updated : 27 Nov 2021, 01:13

  DF Report

Photo: Finnish Navy.

The President and the Ministerial Committee on Foreign and Security Policy on Friday agreed that Finland will participate in the French-led EU Battle Group for a standby period in early 2024 with the Navy’s Minesweeper Detachment.

Participation in the EU’s battle groups supports the development of the capabilities and interoperability of Finland’s Defence Forces as well as the development of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, said a government press release.

Finland last participated in the EU Battle Group for a standby period in 2020.

The President and the Ministerial Committee at a meeting also discussed issues relating to international crisis management.

Finland currently has about 350 soldiers participating in nine military crisis management operations within the framework of the UN, the EU, NATO and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS.

The meeting also discussed the Strategic Compass on EU security and defence cooperation for the coming years, which focuses in particular on developing the EU’s crisis management, resilience, capabilities and partnerships.

It also discussed the Government Report on Human Rights Policy and the situation in Ukraine.