Tuesday August 03, 2021

Changing employers for seasonal workers becomes easier

Published : 18 Jun 2021, 04:26

  DF Report

File Photo: Finland Suomussalmi berry picking/ VisitFinland.

The Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) has introduced a new function in the service system to make it easier for seasonal workers to change employers while they are in Finland, said Ministry of the Interior in a press release on Thursday.

The Migri introduced new system following amendment to the related Decrees of the Ministry of the Interior in this regard.

The amendments to the Seasonal Workers Act and the amendment to the Decree entered into force on Thursday.

The processing fees for all applications submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service are determined annually by Decree of the Ministry of the Interior on Chargeable Services of the Finnish Immigration Service.

The Decree issued for this year amended by adding a new function to the service system which allows an employee to file an application for adding a new employer to his or her current seasonal work permit and for the related Finnish Immigration Service’s certificate of extending his or her right to work.

A fee of EUR 65 will be charged for adding a new employer and for issuing the certificate, when the application is submitted electronically. If the application is filed in paper form, the fee will be EUR 165.

On application, the Finnish Immigration Service may add a new employer to a valid seasonal work permit if the employer agrees to the terms of employment and accommodation laid down in the Seasonal Workers Act.