Monday June 21, 2021

33% of voters cast votes in advance in municipal polls

Published : 09 Jun 2021, 11:48

Updated : 09 Jun 2021, 11:55

  DF Report

A voter was casting vote in advance. DF Photo.

More than 1,470,000 votes were cast in advance in the 2021 municipal elections and the number is about 33 per cent of all eligible voters, said the Ministry of Justice in a press release on Wednesday.

The advance voting in the municipal elections began on May 26 and ended on Tuesday.

The period for the advance voting increased by one week this year as a precautionary measure against the backdrop of the coronavirus situation in the country.

The municipal elections are scheduled to be held on 13 June.

The advance voting abroad held from 2 to 5 June.

There were a total of 930 general advance polling stations in Finland.

In the previous municipal elections in 2017, the corresponding figure at the end of the advance voting period was about 26.6 per cent.