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Intoxicated Norwegian air pilot removed at Helsinki airport

03 Nov 2018, 01:58 ( 10 Months ago)

DF-Xinhua Report
Norwegian Air. File Photo Finavia.

A pilot of the airline Norwegian was removed from the aircraft by the police at the Helsinki airport on Friday for alleged intoxication.

The police later said the alcometer result was between zero and 0.5, the news agency STT reported. The police said there is zero tolerance of alcohol for airline piloting.

Police inspector Mika Laine told local media the removal of the pilot went peacefully and there was "nothing exotic".

Norwegian spokesperson Astrid Mannian-Gibson confirmed to Finnish media the person was the pilot and that police later released him.

The Norwegian flight D8772 from Helsinki to Dubai was delayed by four and half hours and took off at 22:30 local time.