Monday June 21, 2021

6000 get admission to English-taught, art studies programmes

Published : 08 Jun 2021, 02:34

  DF Report

Press Release Photo: Finnish National Agency for Education by Satu Haavisto.

More than 6000 applicants were offered admission to higher education institutions’ English-taught study programmes and art study programmes, said the Finnish National Agency for Education in a press release on Monday.

Compared to the last year, abut 1 000 more applicants were offered admission and there were about 1 000 more study places available and also a bigger number of applicants.

The most contested fields of study were arts and culture, with only 10 % of applicants being accepted, as well as agriculture and forestry, with an acceptance rate of 15 %. With 30 % of applicants accepted, the easiest field to gain admission to was technology.

About 60 % of all the applicants admitted were accepted to bachelor's degree programmes while 40 % were accepted to master’s degree programmes.

The acceptance rate to universities of applied sciences ( Polytechnic Institutes) was 60 % while 40 % to universities.

About 39 % of the accepted applicants are Finnish citizens. The next two most prominent nationalities within the accepted applicants were Vietnamese and Bangladeshi. About 49 % of the total number of accepted applicants were from outside the EU/EEA-area.

The applicants were informed of the results of the joint application during the first week of June. The offer of admission must be accepted by 16 July, before 15.00 EEST. Applicants can be admitted from a waiting list until 2 August.

Starting from 2020, the joint application to higher education has been divided into two separate joint applications.

In the first joint application, one can apply to degree programmes offered in English, programmes offered by the University of the Arts and the theatre study programme at Tampere University. In the second joint application in spring, one can apply to degree programmes offered in Finnish and Swedish.