Saturday June 10, 2023

Helsinki to host recruitment event for foreigners irrespective language skills

Published : 22 Mar 2023, 01:24

  DF Report
The City of Helsinki actively supports foreign-language jobseekers’ opportunities to find employment in Finland. Photo: Adobe Stockin kuvapankki via City of Helsinki.

Helsinki City Hall will be hosting a ´Work for You´ recruitment event, bringing together employers in Uusimaa and international jobseekers on April 4, said the city in a press release on Tuesday.

The event will be held from 10.00 and 16.00.

The event is aimed at jobseekers who have moved from abroad as well as companies that do not require their employees to have good Finnish or Swedish language skills.

Uusimaa has a large number of international talents whose only barrier to employment may be the requirement to know Finnish or Swedish.

In their recruitment, the companies participating in the event will therefore emphasise a good attitude and the right experience over language skills.

“Too often, those who have moved to Finland end their job search because they do not receive a single response to their applications. Events like this are needed to give jobseekers a real opportunity to meet and talk to employers. While the event is at best a door opener for jobseekers, it also gives employers a great opportunity to meet and recruit skilled and motivated people,” said Laura Kyntölä, Senior Planning Officer at the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The main focus of the event will be on the presentation stations of the companies looking to recruit but, in addition to networking opportunities, the event will also offer a diverse programme of other job search-related activities.

The Work for You event will be free of charge and organised for the first time.