Monday June 21, 2021

Postal consignment clearance outside EU resumes

Published : 12 May 2021, 15:03

Updated : 13 May 2021, 09:50

  DF Report

Photo: Finnish Customs.

Normal customs clearance of postal consignments arriving from outside the EU will now be possible again. The problem with sending missing safety data has now largely been resolved, said the national postal corporator Posti in a press release.

If a customer has received an arrival notification about a postal consignment that should be declared, please try to declare it again.

From 15 March 2021, it has been mandatory to submit declarations for safety and security data before the goods are loaded in the country of dispatch, when goods are transported to Finland from outside the EU by air. Because of this, Posti has not been able to send the necessary new declarations to Customs for some of the consignments due to missing information.

Posti and Finnish Customs have cooperated closely in resolving the problem. The insufficient information for the consignments left waiting has now been corrected and normal customs clearance should be possible for these consignments.

"Normal customs clearance of the parcels that were left waiting for the necessary safety data is now possible. It is really unfortunate that many people have had to try to submit their customs declarations in vain. We hope that everyone will get their packages as soon as possible,” said Minna Kovanen, the person responsible for parcels arriving to Finland at Posti.