Tuesday December 05, 2023

Unstable weather reduces blue-green algae in sea, lake

Published : 04 Aug 2023, 01:40

  DF Report
Photo: Ilkka Lastumäki/SYKE.

Unstable weather has kept the blue-green algae situation calm in lakes while surface blooms was observed at sea, said the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in a press release on Thursday.

Somewhat less blue-green algae have been observed in lakes and coastal areas than last week, but blue-green algae may still appear mixed with water.

Cloudy weather has limited satellite observations in sea areas. However, blue-green algae surface blooms have been detected in places south of Hanko in the open sea area of the Gulf of Finland.

SYKE observes the cyanobacteria occurrence as part of the monitoring of the state of the environment in Finland.

The national cyanobacterial monitoring is carried out as part of the monitoring of the state of the environment in cooperation with the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, municipal environmental and health authorities, and the SYKE. Finnish Rotary Clubs are also actively involved in nationwide cyanobacterial monitoring.

The cyanobacterial monitoring is based on the monitoring of cyanobacterial deposits in surface water. The intention is to provide an overview of the cyanobacterial situation in different water bodies. The monitoring includes about 400 permanent observation sites across the country on inland and coastal waters and in the archipelago.