Sunday August 14, 2022

Blue-green algae decreases in lakes, sea but may increase later

Published : 05 Aug 2022, 01:33

  DF Report

Dead blue-green algae cells release a blue pigment, phycocyanin, and they might colour beaches turquoise. File Photo: Laura Härkönen / SYKE.

The cyanobacterial situation in lakes and at sea is calm, but warm weather may increase the number of blooms in late summer, said the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in a press release on Thursday.

The cyanobacterial situation in lakes has deteriorated in some places since last week, although the national situation in lakes remains calm.

In sea areas, the number of surface blooms has decreased, and the cyanobacteria have mixed with water in many places.

The warm and calm weather may further increase the number of cyanobacterial blooms in late summer.

In some places, dead cyanobacterial cells have washed up on the beaches, dyeing the beaches turquoise because of the colour pigment in the algae.