Tuesday September 21, 2021

Overnight stays by resident tourists rise in June

Published : 31 Jul 2021, 01:14

  DF Report

Photo: City of Helsinki by Esko Jämsä.

Overnight stays by resident tourists recovered nearly to the level preceding the coronavirus crisis in June and the overnight stays were only 3 per cent less than in June 2019, according to Statistics Finland.

The overnight stays increased outside Greater Helsinki by 3 per cent but in Greater Helsinki they decreased by 32 per cent compared to June 2019.

Overnight stays by non-resident tourists, however, decreased by 87 per cent compared to June 2019.

Finnish accommodation establishments recorded a total of 1.63 million overnight stays, which was a quarter less than two years ago.

The recovery of tourism is illustrated by comparison with the year before the corona crisis started in 2020. For leisure trips, overnight stays by resident tourists increased by 5 per cent from June 2019. Overnight stays by resident business travellers decreased by 24 per cent .

Overnight stays by non-resident leisure travellers were 92 per cent less than two years ago and 78 per cent less by non-resident business travellers.

Examined by region, overnight stays decreased compared to June 2019 most in relative terms in Uusimaa, by 58 per cent. However, overnight stays in Uusimaa doubled from last year. Compared to June last year, overnight stays increased in all regions.

Among the regions, the highest occupancy rates of hotel rooms were measured in North Karelia, 62.5 per cent, and in Southwest Finland, 58.0 per cent. In Helsinki, the hotel room occupancy rate was 25.9 per cent, 53.9 per cent in Tampere, 59.5 per cent in Turku, 51.8 per cent in Oulu and 33.9 per cent in Rovaniemi.

In June 2021, the realised average price of a hotel room was EUR 96.97 per day for the whole country. Twelve months earlier, it was EUR 92.21. There was a total of 53,483 hotel rooms available in Finland, which was 14,120 more than in June 2020.