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Electric scooter season in Helsinki begins

Published : 28 Mar 2024, 01:11

  DF Report
Electric scooter. DF File Photo.

The City of Helsinki has agreed with the operators that the electric scooter season in Helsinki will begin on Thursday, said the city in a press release on Wednesday.

Starting from spring 2024, the parking of electric scooters and bicycles in shared use will be restricted outside the city centre of Helsinki near metro and train stations.

New restricted areas will be added to Pasila, Hakaniemi, Sörnäinen and Kalasatama, among other locations.

The changes to parking will be carried out by geofencing, i.e. with specific parking areas added to the operators’ applications. Parking will be only allowed in these areas in vicinity of stations.

“The City has received a great deal of feedback on the parking of electric scooters, and the areas near stations have been a point of contention. This is why we decided to restrict parking specifically near the metro and train stations,” said Heikki Palomäki, head of the unit at City of Helsinki.

Parking areas near the busiest stations, such as Pasila and Hakaniemi, are marked with painted parking spaces. At other stations, parking is primarily guided through the application with virtual parking areas.

The parking areas will be commissioned gradually during the season. The restrictions will first enter into force at the Pasila, Hakaniemi, Sörnäinen, Kalasatama and Herttoniemi stations.

Five operators will continue their operations in the restricted area in the City centre: Voi, Tier, Ryde, Bird and Bolt. Some parking areas in the City centre have been changed or moved based on received feedback.

The city has received positive feedback regarding the restricted area in the City centre, and the number of electric scooters in shared use in the centre decreased in summer 2023.