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Finland win bronze in Ice Hockey Junior WC

Published : 06 Jan 2021, 22:07

Updated : 07 Jan 2021, 10:34

  DF Report

Finnish youth team celebrate victory after beating Russia by 4-0 at Rogers Place Arena in Canada on Tuesday. Photo: The Finnish men's national ice hockey team (

Finland won bronze medal in the Ice Hockey Junior World Championship, beating Russia by 4 goals to 1 at the Rogers Place Arena in Canada on Tuesday.

With this Finland won bronze medal for the seventh time at the world junior championship and first time since 2006.

The junior Lions won gold in the tournament in 2014, 2016, and 2019.

Although Russia took lead at the sixth minute of the match, when Safonov Ilya scored a goal, Finnish captain Anton Lundell levelled the score at 25th minute of the match.

Later, PetmanMikko took lead for the Finns after he scored at 43rd minute, while captain Anton Lundell and Juuso Parssinen made the gap wider and ensured the victory after they scored at 58th and 59th minutes of the match respectively.

“It was a unique experience for all of us,” said Finnish goalie Kari Piiroinen to, adding, “There’s not going to be a tournament like this, I don’t think, forever. So it’s really humbling for us, and we really enjoyed it, and learned a lot.”

Pointing out the defeat to the USA in the semi-final match by a solitary goal, Finnish captain Lundell said to, “we had a good comeback against the USA and unfortunately they were able to win that game.”

“Of course it was a big disappointment, but we all knew that we wanted to win really bad today, and I think that showed in our game,” Lundell told