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Why Invest in Riga?

Published : 01 Sep 2022, 19:12

Updated : 01 Sep 2022, 19:19

  By SIA iMarketing Group

Photo: Via SIA iMarketing Group.

If you’re looking for a thriving capital European city to invest in that offers a highly-skilled, young and innovative workforce, low cost of living and a simple and attractive taxation system, invest in Riga.

The third-largest city in Northern Europe, the city has started to attract savvy investors who want to take full advantage of this undiscovered investment gem.

Even in 2020 when the pandemic struck, investment reached $873 USD and thanks to the Latvian government's continuing focus on boosting economic growth, this figure continues to rise. In foreign real estate investments alone, they raise €30-40 million annually.

Considering the breathtaking views, innovative, creative and future-focused local workforce, outstanding strategic position and excellent relations with the rest of the world, it’s no wonder. Latvia is a small yet mighty rising power that offers the perfect opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio.

Why invest in Riga?

With a low cost of living, skilled and inexpensive labour, strong international relations and a government focused on supporting innovation, start-ups and foreign investment, Riga is a perfect place to invest in Europe.

Excellent deals

Riga offers excellent investment opportunities for savvy investors who are looking to get ahead of the crowd and diversify their portfolios in Europe. Although the Latvian economy has sprung back to life since the economic crisis in 2008 and the country has adopted the euro, it’s not yet subject to the same high taxation and legislation found in other parts of the world.

Skilled and inexpensive talent

Invest in Riga to take advantage of a young and forward-thinking generation who are truly putting Latvia on the global start-up map. To encourage further innovation in the country, Latvia also offers a Start-Up Visa that allows foreign investors to benefit from the efficient cost structures, super-fast internet speeds and vibrant, professional community.

Simple and attractive taxation system

Latvia’s business-friendly tax system is ranked the 2nd most competitive in the world due to its CIT (corporate income tax) rate of just 20% and tax rate for reinvested profits is 0%. This makes it easier to start a business or invest in Riga.

Beautiful place to live

With the glittering Baltic sea, golden beaches, medieval castles, sprawling national parks and forests, an outstanding cultural and social life and a low cost of living, investing in Riga can raise your standard of living and help you enjoy life more.

Excellent strategic position

Located in Northern Europe between Lithuania and Estonia with easy travel connections within the continent and the rest of the world and strong international relations, this politically stable country provides global business opportunities, no matter where in the world you want to trade with.

What investment opportunities are there in Riga?

Invest in Riga to take advantage of a wealth of investment opportunities that can also offer residency or citizenship.

Real estate

House prices hit rock bottom during the financial crisis but are rising at a rate of around 11%. Rental yields are at least 4%, making investing in real estate in Latvia a golden opportunity.

Business investment

Invest in a thriving sector such as biomedicine, green technology, IT, smart materials and photonics, engineering and metalworking, food processing, healthcare, life science or transport and storage to join this thriving economy and grow your investment.


With high-speed internet at your fingertips, a productive and highly motivated workforce, a strategic location and outstanding logistics, Riga is the perfect place to launch your business.


Invest in Riga to take advantage of an untapped market of opportunity, talent and growth opportunities, a business-friendly taxation system, low cost of living and one of the most beautiful countries in the world.