Friday December 09, 2022

Domestic violence against minors rises by 6.7% in 2021

Published : 07 Oct 2022, 01:35

  DF Report

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Cases of domestic violence against minors reported to the authorities increased by 6.7 per cent in 2021, according to Statistics Finland.

There were 10,900 victims of domestic violence offences reported to the authorities in 2021, which is 1.6 per cent down on the previous year.

Of the victims, 8,300 were adults, which is 3.8 per cent fewer than in the year before. The number of underage victims was 2,600.

The number of victims of intimate partner violence by their married spouse decreased by 7.9 per cent from the previous year.

In all, 6.9 per cent more violence directed by parents against their children was reported than in the year before. Slightly over 2,400 cases were recorded.

A total of 52 per cent of underage victims were girls and 75 per cent of adult victims were women.

Among suspects of domestic violence and intimate partner violence, 77 per cent were men.

If the victim is a minor, 66 per cent of suspects are men.

The statistics include only cases reported to the authorities, by no means all cases of domestic violence and intimate partner violence are reported to the authorities.