Tuesday September 21, 2021

2 held in Oulu for anarchism

Published : 01 Aug 2021, 01:34

Updated : 01 Aug 2021, 01:37

  DF REport

DF File Photo.

Police arrested two people on charge creating anarchism and behaving violently with police from Oulu city centre on early Saturday morning.

The incident took place at about 5:30 a.m. when the police rushed to the spot responding to a call and found a man behaving aggressively at the area, police said.

He also tried to damage the vehicle of the patrol police and at certain stage became violent towards the police resulting his arrest.

Following his arrest, a group of people gathered at the spot and demanded release of the arrested person.

They turned into more vigorous to press home their demand violating the police order prompting the members of the law enforcing agency to use pepper spray to disperse the crowd and bring the situation under control, said police.

When the police tried to arrest another person from the spot, he insisted the crowd to attack the police to avoid arrest. Later several police patrols arrived at the scene and arrested the person after dispersing the crowd.

Although the crowd was very aggressive, no major injury was taken place during the police operation, said police.

The police are investigating into the incident and will continue to interrogate the arrested suspects to find out the people involved in the anarchism.