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Finland-Norway borders restore 24-hour opening

Published : 19 Jul 2021, 02:35

Updated : 19 Jul 2021, 02:37

  DF Report

Finland-Norway border. DF File Photo.

The round the clock opening hours at the Finland-Norway border crossing points is scheduled to resume today (Monday) as the government lifted restrictions on the opening hours.

The government on 15 July made the decision to bring changes to the internal and external border control, according to an official press release.

According to the decision, the restrictions on the opening hours of border crossing points at the Finnish-Norwegian border will be lifted on 19 July. This means that from Monday onwards it is possible to cross the border between Finland and Norway at any time of the day or night.

The decision also said that from 26 July, persons who are able to present a certificate of a completed and approved COVID-19 vaccine course before entry can arrive in Finland from all countries.

Additionally, based on an epidemiological assessment, which refers to the spread of COVID-19, internal border control will be reinstated for traffic between Finland and Malta and Finland and Slovenia.

Furthermore, based on an epidemiological assessment, the current decision with regard to external border traffic will be changed.

From 19 July 2021, entry restrictions will be lifted for citizens of Canada in traffic from Canada to Finland, and restrictions will be reinstated for citizens of Israel in traffic from Israel to Finland.

In addition, from 26 July onwards, cruise ship passengers arriving from an EU or Schengen country are allowed to disembark.