Monday June 21, 2021

Data system glitch disrupts Posti's services

Published : 09 Jun 2021, 01:06

  DF Report

Photo: Posti.

Some of Posti's services are affected by its service provider's data communication problems, said national postal and logistic services operator Posti in a press release on Tuesday.

Customers may encounter problems in logging in or using the OmaPosti application. For example, shipment tracking information may be slow to update or incorrect.

Payments of Cash on Delivery parcels can't be made and PDF files can't be opened.

Some of the parcels sent on Tuesday will be delayed for one day. Parcels, of the arrival of which the recipients are being notified in advance, may also arrive a day late.

There are delays in Posti's customer service systems, which may cause congestion in the service.

Some of the freight deliveries may be delayed for one day.

Some warehouse customers may encounter disturbances in the collection and shipping of products.

According to current information, other Posti's services operate normally. For example, the morning newspapers have been delivered and the service points are functioning. Letters and parcels can be sent and picked up at the service points as usual.