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Rovaniemi keeps tourists charmed with nature, beauty

02 Jan 2019, 21:27 ( 4 Months ago) | updated: 02 Jan 2019, 21:30 ( 4 Months ago)

DF Report by Usman Omeiza Kazeem
The international tourists are seen around the Rovaniemi City Centre. DF Photo.

Rovaniemi is a city that boasts of the uniqueness of its nature in all entirety.

Rovaniemi is highly naturally endowed with forests, rivers and even the sky. This display of view is what makes the city a must visit for every adventure-seeker.

The city of Rovaniemi usually wears a new look during the winter season. People from different countries are found either walking individually or in groups. Everyone seems to have a feel of the magical moments that come with the cool breeze of snow. The forest has all its green turning white while the rivers loses their waves by turning into ice.

The Daily Finland spoke to a few tourists in Rovaniemi to know of their impression and expectations. They all mostly expressed satisfaction when they narrated their experiences.

All the tourists have different expectations as their nationalities and needs differ. But despite all their different adventure needs, the magical home of Santa has a way of satisfying tourist’s needs and gives them the reason to ask for more.

French national Vincent

Vincent, a 47-year-old French citizen, was full of enthusiasm when he expressed his experience on arriving in Rovaniemi for the first time. He was quick to complain about the cold weather but the beauty of the city overshadowed the cold he felt. He, however, showed his love for the brightness of the Rovaniemi weather and promised to recommend that his friends visit the city.

Thai tourist Pearl

Another tourist, Pearl from Thailand, however, said that one of the things that brought her to Rovaniemi is the Aurora Borealis and all different kinds of activities that come with the winter season in Rovaniemi. She came to Rovaniemi for the first time and despite the weather being entirely different from her hometown which is usually three degrees Celsius, she was satisfied with what she experienced in the city during her short stay and wouldn’t mind recommending the town to her friends and family. Although she has not yet fulfilled her dream of sighting the Aurora, she hoped to see it since she has only spent two days out of the two weeks’ vacation.

Felipe and Matta from Brazil

The adventure was the same with the two Brazilian young lovers, Felipe and Matta. The two are in their late twenties and have been visiting Rovaniemi regularly for more than five years. They said that the feel of the Santa Claus village, reindeer ride, forest walk under the guise of the northern light and ice fishing were the adventure activities that attracted them to the city. “Despite having been here for more than once, we are yet to have enough.’ They were overjoyed every moment by their stay and promised to visit the city again next year with their friends.

Japanese tourist Nikita

The most intrigued experience was revealed by 25-year-old Nikita from Japan. “I broke my fingernail in my first visit while skiing.” Breaking the finger was painful, “yet I could not stop coming to Rovaniemi during my vacation. My expectations have been met. The place I like most to walk around is the Santa Claus office and to listen to his stories. I usually miss eating rice porridge and it’s the only meal I crave for on arriving at the city.”