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Police ask citizens for responsible enjoyment of summer

Published : 14 Jul 2020, 18:16

Updated : 15 Jul 2020, 07:41

  DF Report

Photo Source: Helsinki Police

Summer and the coronavirus have inspired people to go to the nature and summer cottages. In fact, people now appreciate nature more than ever, said a police statement.

It said everyman’s rights guarantee that everyone has the right to enjoy nature. Nevertheless, the police want to remind you that the rights also come with responsibilities.

“You must not disturb others or cause damage, disturb nesting birds or game animals, or fish or hunt without a permit,” said National Bureau of Investigation’s Environmental Crime Prevention Coordinator Riku Lindqvist.

In particular, he stressed that “you must not throw away rubbish in the nature. Among other things, rubbish poses a danger to the life of the wild animals that eat it.

“The police may intervene in littering. A summary penal fee of one hundred euros may be issued for littering,” said Lindqvist.

Those going to the summer cottage also need to remember their duties.

“Many municipalities with lots of cottages have started to require a property-specific waste container for mixed waste. As a rule, disposing of waste independently by burning it and burning waste in an open fire is prohibited. You need to contact the authorities of the municipality, in which your cottage is located, and find out what the municipal waste management regulations and other restrictions are,” said Lindqvist.

He also reminded people that “there are strict rules on what you can and cannot do without a permit when working on shores in the summer. For example, the approval of the authorities is always required for dredging or building a breakwater.”