Thursday June 20, 2024

Incessant rains kill 11 in India's Kerala

Published : 25 May 2024, 01:20

  DF News Desk
A woman moves her belongings outside her waterlogged shanty at a flood-affected area in Morigaon district of India's northeastern state of Assam, July 16, 2023. File Photo: Xinhua.

Incessant rains wreaked havoc in the southern Indian state of Kerala, killing at least 11 people in the rain-related incidents, officials said Friday, reported Xinhua.

"Among the 11 deaths in rain-related accidents, six lost their lives in various drowning incidents, two fell into water-filled quarries, two were struck by lightning and one person lost his life in a wall collapse," a local official told media during a press briefing.

The official said parts of the state received over 20 cm of rain in the last 24 hours.

Officials said fire service personnel, police and other departments were ready to respond to any untoward incidents.