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Canada announces investment into satellite Earth observation

Published : 18 Oct 2023, 23:26

  DF News Desk
This is an artistic presentation of RADARSAT-2 released by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Photo: CSA via Xinhua.

Canada's industry minister announced Wednesday an investment of 1.012 billion Canadian dollars (739 million U.S. dollars) to the Canadian Space Agency over the next 15 years to support satellite Earth observation data needs, reported Xinhua.

The funding will be used for RADARSAT+, an initiative aimed at ensuring continuous, efficient, and sustainable access to critical and high-quality Earth observation data for Canada, said François-Philippe Champagne, the minister of innovation, science and industry and minister responsible for the Canadian Space Agency.

According to the Canadian Space Agency, the RADARSAT+ portfolio includes a project to design, build and launch a replacement satellite for the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM), and a project to initiate the definition of a fourth-generation national sovereign satellite system that will succeed the RCM, among others.

Three satellite missions have been launched as part of the RADARSAT program: RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2 and the RCM. These missions have established Canada as a world leader in space-based Synthetic Aperture Radar technology, the agency said.

Satellite data is key to making science-based decisions on numerous fronts, from climate change adaptation and environment protection to better managing the country's natural resources and building resilience in vulnerable areas such as Canada's North, according to the agency.