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11 family members killed in Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen

Published : 19 Nov 2017, 19:55

Updated : 19 Nov 2017, 19:58

  DF-Xinhua Report
File Photo Xinhua.

A total of eight children and three women were killed when a Saudi-led airstrike struck a family house in Yemen's northern province of Jawf on Sunday, a provincial security official told Xinhua.

"Eight children and three women, all from the same family, were found dead under the rubble after try their home was hit by the coalition air strike in Masloob district," the official said on condition of anonymity.

Activists on social media from Jawf confirmed the airstrike and the number of victims.

This is the latest in a series of airstrikes by the coalition since the war began more than two and a half years.

Earlier this month, the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed and wounded at least 50 people, including civilians, in a village in Yemen's northwest province of Hajjah, according to a provincial security official and medics.

The coalition stepped up air campaign following the Yemeni rebel Houthi ballistic missile on Nov. 4 that was shot down north of Saudi capital Riyadh.

The war has killed more than 10,000 Yemenis, mostly civilians, and displaced more than 3 million others, according to UN agencies.