Tuesday August 03, 2021

18% of Israeli businesses suffer cyberattack: survey

Published : 22 Jul 2021, 02:14

  DF News Desk

File Photo Xinhua.

Nearly one in five businesses in Israel, or 18 percent, suffered a cyberattack, according to a new survey issued by the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) on Wednesday, reported Xinhua.

The survey was conducted by the INCD and the state's Central Bureau of Statistics between July 2020 and March 2021 and included 2,500 businesses in all industries except finance, health and public administration.

Also, one-fifth of the businesses attacked reported damage to their systems, including unavailability and leakage of data.

The three most common protection controls used by businesses are software updates (68 percent), means of detecting malware (65 percent), and strong password policies (62 percent).

The survey also found that the attacks are most common among large businesses of over 250 employees, with 42 percent experiencing cyberattacks. In the hi-tech industries, 37 percent of companies reported attacks.