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Blue-green algae remains calm in Baltic Sea, lakes

Published : 09 Jun 2023, 01:38

  DF Report
Mass occurrence of pollen can be confused with blue-green algae blooms. Photo: SYKE by Kristiina Vuorio.

The blue-green algae situation has remained calm in sea areas and inland waters, as typical in early summer, said the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in a press release on Thursday.

Some blue-green algae observations have been made in lakes, and at the moment blue-green algae is present at two observation sites in Southern Finland.

Yellowish pollen may also be visible in water bodies and at sea, and this may resemble blue-green algae blooms.

Currently, variable, windy weather and cool water temperatures keep blue-green algae under control.

The situation is typical for the time period. In early summer, abundant blue-green algae blooms rarely occur.

The short warm period in May warmed the waters, and minor blue-green algae blooms occurred, in places, in lakes.

At the moment, some blue-green algae are found in two lake observation sites of national blue-green algae monitoring, in Southern Finland. In the Baltic Sea, no blue-green algae blooms have been detected in satellite images.

In early summer, there may be plenty of coniferous pollen, which turns the water yellowish. Mass occurrence of pollen can be confused with blue-green algae blooms.

Although blue-green algae blooms usually colour the water greenish or blueish green, yellowish blue-green algae blooms also occur. In some sea areas, pollen has also been visible in satellite images, this spring.