Wednesday May 22, 2024

Glitch forces Finnair Chicago-Helsinki flight to land in NY

Published : 28 Apr 2024, 19:50

  DF Report
Finnair Airbus A330. Photo: Finnair.

A Helsinki bound flight of the national flag carrier Finnair departed from Chicago on Sunday morning had to land at New York Airport due to technical glitch, local media reported, quoting the airline.

The pilots of the aircraft were noticed about the glitch in one of the engines and shut down it after about three hours of take off from the Chicago Airport.

They changed the direction of the aircraft (Airbus A330) with 194 passengers and ten crew members onboard and landed safely at the New York Airport at about 10:00 am Finnish time.

National broadcaster Yle, quoting Finnair sources said that the aircraft was operational with one engine shut down and the landing procedures were normal.

The aircraft is scheduled to undergo a technical inspection in New York, the Yle report added.