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Tampere Airport named Airport of the Year 2022

Published : 13 Sep 2023, 03:29

  DF Report
Photo: Finavia.

Country´s airports operator Finavia has selected Tampere-Pirkkala Airport as the recipient of the 2022 Airport of the Year award, said Finavia in a press release on Tuesday.

Passengers’ satisfaction at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is top-notch. In addition, the airport’s active cooperation with operators in the region has made smooth connections to the rest of the world possible despite changes in the transport structure.

“At Finavia, we want to give Tampere-Pirkkala Airport the Airport of the Year award, above all, for its close cooperation with stakeholders and customer-oriented operating culture,” said Jani Jolkkonen, Finavia’s Senior Vice President, Airport Network.

In the customer satisfaction measurements of Finavia’s airport network, Tampere-Pirkkala Airport has performed very well, and has received positive feedback on, for example, its security control and parking arrangements.

“I am very pleased with the recognition given to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. We have worked hard to promote the growth of air traffic and a smooth passenger experience, and as a result, this year and last year we have been able to celebrate the opening of several routes,” said Mari Nurminen, Director of Tampere-Pirkkala Airport.

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is used for both civil and military aviation. The airport also hosts plenty of flight training activities.

In 2022, a total of 168,328 passengers travelled via the airport, 95% of whom were passengers on international flights.

In total, Tampere-Pirkkala Airport had 23,454 take-offs and landings last year, of which 2,756 were commercial flights.