Friday December 09, 2022

Does Europe's WC dominance comes to end in Qatar as top guns struggle?

Published : 24 Sep 2022, 23:38

Updated : 24 Sep 2022, 23:53

  By Oliver Trust, Xinhua

File Photo Xinhua.

To find several top European football teams in trouble at present seems a small consolation for German coach Hansi Flick, reported Xinhua. With two months out from the 2022 FIFA World Cup's kick-off, the 2014 world champion Germany has joined the struggling parties providing a poor performance against underdog Hungary in the Nations League and collecting the first defeat in 14 games under the former Bayern manager.

With Italy having missed the World Cup, England, France and Germany on the final meters seem to turn into problem children.

With only Spain getting along well in the Nations League, the African, Asian and South American teams might be mulling over the possibility of breaking the evident domination of the European teams at the latest World Cups.

The past four World Cup titles were won by France, Germany, Spain and Italy, and one has to go back as far as 2002 to find Brazil taking the trophy.

Not only Germany's dominant club team Bayern is struggling in their league, but Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United have to suffer in the Premier League, not to say Juve, Inter Milan and AC Milan in Italy.

Many of the so-called usual suspects seem to have lost orientation.

Mysterious ups and downs have become a common thing. England has to face relegation in the Nations League coming along with a 4-0 defeat against Hungary. Italy lost to Germany 5-2 before beating England 1-0.

While Europe remains the world's ruling force in football due to huge investment, the 2022 World Cup might deliver a chance for Africa, Asia, and South America to strike back. Fans at least hope to see their teams get through to the last eight or even semifinals.

Spanish national coach Luis Enrique for a reason spoke about Brazil and Argentina as the 2022 favorites. "I see Argentina way ahead of the others followed by Brazil," Enrique said.

There's also a prediction that the 2021 Copa America final might be repeated in Qatar. Argentina's superstar Lionel Messi won the first major title for his national team, leading Argentina to a 1-0 final victory against Brazil.