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Europe's key decisionmakers to meet about 5G deployment

Published : 14 Nov 2019, 20:30

Updated : 02 Feb 2020, 12:28

  DF Desk
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The key decisionmakers responsible for 5G deployment in Europe's Baltic Sea Region will meet in Riga, Latvia from November 27-29 for the 5G Techritory Forum to discuss and decide on the future of 5G technologies in the region.

The initiative is meant to accelerate the speed of 5G deployment and commercialization. A space for convergence and collaboration is crucial, as the technology requires the input of many organizations for successful deployment, including local and international legislative bodies, regulators, hardware developers, mobile operators, and more.

The event will bring together Europe's key decisionmakers responsible for 5G deployment in the Baltic Sea Region. This includes a Stakeholders' Roundtable that will be attended by the digital ministers from countries on the Baltic Sea, heads of major industry organisations, representatives from the European Commission, global and regional business leaders, academia, and other high-value 5G stakeholders.

The event will provide the space for cross-sectoral, cross-border, and cross-level collaboration in many forms, including the first-ever 5G policymakers' hackathon, a regulatory roundtable, multiple bilateral meetings for leading stakeholders, and more. It will also be supplemented by the 5G Techritory Forum, a two-day event with presentations about the most recent findings and developments in 5G technology.

In addition to 5G Techritory activities, the Nordic Council of Ministers will hold their MR-DIGITAL annual council of ministers, aimed at promoting a cohesive and integrated digital Nordic Region.

The event is expected to produce various outputs regarding the implementation and further deployment of 5G technologies:

  • Legislative recommendations to be presented to the European Commission from the 5G policymakers' hackathon
  • Output from the MR-DIGITAL council
  • Results from the regulatory roundtable, held by ITU and BEREC
  • And more

The event is organised by the Electronic Communications Office of Latvia within the framework of the 5G Techritory Platform, an initiative intended to serve as a platform for the successful deployment and commercialisation of 5G technologies with an aim to support the societies, economies, and businesses around the Baltic Sea Region.