Wednesday April 17, 2024

Law to amend combating instrumentalized migration

Published : 20 Feb 2024, 03:59

Updated : 20 Feb 2024, 04:09

  DF Report
Asylum seekers arrived in Finland through Salla border crossing point from Russia in November, 2023. File Photo: Finnish Border Guard.

The government has taken an initiatives to bring amendments to the law to combat instrumentalised migration and to bolster border security.

The Ministry of the Interior on Monday set up a legislative project in this regard which will continue until March 31, said the ministry in a press release.

The aim is for a government proposal to be submitted to Parliament in March 2024.

The project will prepare legislative amendments that will help strengthen border security and effectively combat any attempts to put pressure on Finland in the form of instrumentalised migration. Legislation will be amended to protect Finland against threats to its national security.

Finland must be prepared for the possibility that Russia will exert prolonged pressure on Finland and that we will see more serious and larger-scale instrumentalised migration.

The preparation will examine the possibility of enacting provisions on the matter using the procedure for constitutional legislation.

The project working group is chaired by Sanna Palo, Chief of Legal Division from the Border Guard Department of the Ministry of the Interior.

Tensions in the security environment in Europe and Finland's neighbouring regions are reflected in the security of Finland's eastern border.

Since autumn 2023, Finland has been faced with a situation of instrumentalisation of migrants. This is one of Russia's means of attempting to influence Finland's national security and internal order.