Friday March 01, 2024

Finland sends €190m more defence materiel to Ukraine

Published : 09 Feb 2024, 23:04

  DF Report
File Photo: Xinhua.

Finland will send another package of defence material worth about EUR 190 million to assist Ukraine, said the Ministry of Defence in a press release.

The President on Friday approved the proposal of the government to send the 22nd defence material package.

Finland's 22 defence materiel packages now have a total compensation value of EUR 1.8 billion.

For operational reasons, and to ensure that the assistance will reach its destination safely, further details on the content of the package, the way it is delivered, or the schedule will not be disclosed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appreciated the Finland´s decision of sending the defence materiel.

“I am grateful to Finland’s President Niinisto for the decision to provide Ukraine with the 22nd military aid package worth €200 million. I appreciate the implementation of our agreements, as well as President Niinisto's personal contribution to strengthening the Ukraine-Finland partnership,” Zelenskyy wrote in his social media platform X.

“Finland's comprehensive and long-term support for Ukraine, which has already totaled €1.8 billion, ensures our shared victory over the aggressor,” the Ukrainian President added.