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Child also found dead after mother in Lapland avalanche

Published : 04 Jan 2024, 23:36

Updated : 04 Jan 2024, 23:58

  DF Report
Rescue operation to find out the missing woman and boy at Pallastunturi, Muonio in Lapland. Photo: Lapland police.

The child, who went missing along his mother in an avalanche amidst severe cold weather at Pallastunturi in Muonio, a municipality in northern Finland on Tuesday afternoon, was found dead on Thursday morning, said police in a press release.

The rescue services people found the body at about 11:30am at the nearby area from where the body of his mother was recovered late Tuesday night.

Earlier in the morning, rescue services people, police and Border Guard resumed the rescue operation after suspension on Wednesday night.

The rescue teams had to suspend the operation on Tuesday night and Wednesday night due to the adverse weather.

Earlier, the body of the woman was found under an avalanche, which was about 400 meters wide late Tuesday night at about 10:00 p.m.

The woman and her son went missing at about 4:00 pm on Tuesday when they were skiing near the Pallastunturi fells and encountered problems at Pallas due to the cold weather.

There was very strong wind in the area and the temperature was about minus 23 degrees Celsius.

The police will continue the investigation into the incident to find out the reasons behind the deaths.