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99 held for drunk driving in pre-Xmas drive

Published : 30 Nov 2023, 00:14

  DF Report
File Photo: Helsinki Police.

A total of 99 persons were caught by police for suspected drunk driving in pre-Christmas party traffic during an intensified surveillance campaign across the country from November 24 to 26, said police in a press release on Wednesday.

During the drive, the police breathalysed a total of 24,191 drivers and carried out 101 rapid roadside drug tests.

Of the 99 drivers caught by the police, 73 were suspected of having consumed alcohol and 26 of having used some other narcotic substance.

Besides these, 143 drivers of motorised vehicles gave a positive breathalyser test but were below the punishable limit (0.5 per mille). The police imposed a temporary driving ban on 39 holders of a driving licence.

“This year an average of 244 breathalyser tests were carried out to catch one drink driver compared to “just” 187 in 2022,” said Tuomo Katajisto, Chief Superintendent of the National Police Board.

According to Katajisto, one negative note is that even this time there were still far too many drivers who were unable to resist getting behind the steering wheel after having consumed intoxicants.