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Elderly man drowns in Kuusamo lake

Published : 23 Oct 2023, 01:13

  DF Report
DF File Photo.

An elderly man was drowned in Pikku-Pöyliö lake in Kuusamo, a municipality under Northern Ostrobothnia region on Sunday, police said in a press release.

The incident took place when the man went to catch fish in the lake. At certain stage the man was drowned into the thin ice of the lake.

Responding to an alarm, the rescue service personnel together with police and Border Guard rushed to the spot and recovered the body after an extensive search.

Police said that there was about four centimeters ice on the lake and even it was thinner at some places.

The police, however, did not divulge the identity of the deceased and the reason behind the incident could not be known immediately.

The police are investigating into the matter to find out the reason behind the incident.