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Finland rejects WB, IMF meetings communique proposal: Purra

Published : 15 Oct 2023, 02:34

Updated : 15 Oct 2023, 02:36

  DF Report
Finance Minister Riikka Purra. Photo: Minister´s twitter post.

Finland did not accept the proposal for communique at the annual meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monitory Fund (IMF) being held in Morocco as the proposal did not condemned Russia´s invasion of Ukraine, according to Finance Minister Riikka Purra.

“We did not accept the proposal for communique, because it would not have condemned Russia’s war of aggression. The proposal did not explisitly state the name of the aggressor,” Purra, who represented the Nordic-Baltic Constituency at the meetings wrote in her twitter on Saturday.

She also said that issuing communique would have required the approval of all the members, including Russia.

“As we did not accept the proposals, no communique was issued,” the Finance Minister wrote.

She said that the Nordic countries and Baltic States advocated for a firm policy on behalf of Ukraine and against Russia in the meetings.

“We felt it was important to hold on to our principles and values and not backtrack on our position on Russia,” Purra added in her twitter post.

The World Bank Group and IMF annual meetings kicked off Monday in Marrakech, Morocco, and runs through Sunday.