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Police to monitor elk, deer hunting during Oct

Published : 03 Oct 2023, 03:35

  DF Report
File Photo: Lapland Material Bank by Arto Komulainen.

The police will carry out intensified elk and deer hunting controls from October 7 to 29 in cooperation with other wilderness supervisory authorities responsible for hunting and fishing issues, said National Police Board in a press release on Monday.

According to statistics from the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), around 116,000 hunters participated in elk hunting in 2002 and 37,055 animals were taken.

The hunting of elk and deer is more strictly regulated than that of other game in particular because it requires the use of robust guns and powerful cartridges and bullets and so especial attention must also be given to safety aspects.

The police will focus their control not just on the appropriateness of hunting methods but especially on the safety aspects such as the ability of hunters to handle their guns properly and compliance with safety regulations.