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Advance ballot in parliamentary polls begins on March 22

Published : 17 Mar 2023, 01:05

  DF Report
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Advance voting in the parliamentary elections will be held in Finland from March 22 to March 28.

Advance voting will be held abroad from March 22 to March 25.

Finland’s parliamentary elections will be held on April 2.

In the elections, Finnish citizens entitled to vote will elect 200 Members of Parliament out of total 2424 candidates for a four-year electoral term.

For the purposes of parliamentary elections, Finland has been divided into 13 electoral districts- Helsinki (293 candidates), Uusimaa (485), Varsinais-Suomi (214), Satakunta (124), Åland (15), Häme (144), Pirkanmaa (239), South-East Finland (158), Savo-Karelia (156), Vaasa (161), Central Finland (146), Oulu (177) and Lapland (112).

Every Finnish citizen who reaches the age of 18 years on election day at the latest has the right to vote.

Voters must present proof of their identity both when voting on election day and when voting in advance.

Official photo IDs, such as a passport, an identity card issued by the police and a driving licence, are accepted as proof of identity.

Persons whose ability to move and function is so restricted that they are unable to go to an advance polling station or an election day polling station without unreasonable difficulty may vote in advance in their own home.

Those who wish to vote in advance in their home must notify the central municipal election board of their municipality in this regard March 21.

The informal caregiver of a person entitled to vote at home, living in the same household, may under certain conditions also vote at home.

Persons residing or staying abroad for the entire advance voting period and on election day may vote by post from abroad.

An eligible voter wishing to vote by post must order the postal voting documents to an address located abroad in advance, cast their vote after receiving the documents, and finally send the ballot to the central municipal election board of their municipality in Finland. Postal votes must arrive at the correct central municipal election board by March 30.

All polling stations are open on election day from 9.00 to 20.00.