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Parliament approves 3-day mail delivery from Oct

Published : 26 Jan 2023, 00:40

  DF Report
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The Parliament on Wednesday approved the government's proposal to amend the Postal Act with the provision for three days mail delivery in a week instead of five days by national postal and logistic service operators Posti from October.

Posti considered the amendment as responsible and positive reform, which will bring the regulation of the sector into line with the drastically decreasing mail volumes, said Posti in a press release.

The impact of three-day universal service delivery on mail recipients will be small, as the delivery speed of letters will remain unchanged, said Posti, adding that the new delivery support will create the conditions for the continuation of the five-day delivery of paper publications in sparsely populated areas.

“The reforms approved by the Parliament are really important due to the sharply decreasing delivery volumes. The volume of letters delivered by Posti has fallen by nearly 70%, so there are no longer enough letters to be delivered profitably every day. When postal regulations are relaxed, the state will not have to finance the universal service with tax revenue in the future either,” said Yrjö Eskola, Posti’s Senior Vice President, Postal Services.