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One-third parents seek money instead of Kela maternity box

Published : 25 Jan 2023, 00:30

  DF Report
Kela maternity box. File Photo: Kela.

One out of three parents, who are getting maternity grant from the national social insurance institution- Kela this year sought cash payment of EUR 170 instead of the baby box, said Kela in a press release on Tuesday.

Two out of three parents, however, chose the maternity package.

The first maternity packages of the 2023 edition will be delivered to the parents this week.

The congratulation includes hints and tips on how to dress the baby and how to extend the lifecycle of the products.

The date of the switchover to the new edition varies slightly from year to year because it depends on the number of applications for maternity grant that come in.

This year the maternity package contains a total of 38 different products. When selecting the products, the focus was on longevity and high quality.

The baby box released in 2022 contained 43 items, the box released in 2021 contained 50 items, the box released in 2020 contained 56 items and the baby box for 2019 had 63 items.