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Healthcare fees to rise by up to 10% from Jan

Published : 24 Nov 2023, 01:01

  DF Report
Photo: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The amounts of client fees in healthcare and social welfare will increase by up to 10 per cent from the beginning of 2024, said the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in a press release on Thursday.

Client fees are adjusted every two years in accordance with the change in the national pension index.

As the national pension index has risen by around 10 per cent between 2021 and 2023, the maximum client fees will be increased by an equal amount.

The additional increases in the client fees that are based on the Kokoomus led four-party alliance government will be prepared later.

For example, in future, the fee for a health centre visit may be a maximum of EUR 23 and the outpatient clinic fee a maximum of EUR 46.

A maximum of EUR 54.60 per day in care may be charged for short-term institutional care.

The index increases will make it possible for the wellbeing services counties to collect an estimated EUR 62 million more in client fees per year.

However, the wellbeing services counties will decide themselves on the amount of the fees within the limits set by the legislation on client fees.

As a result of the index increases, the number of those low-income clients on whom the client fees put a financial strain may rise.

However, clients will continue to be protected by the annual payment ceiling under the Act on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare as the ceiling sets a maximum limit for the healthcare fees and the fees for short-term institutional care during a calendar year.