Thursday December 09, 2021

Coronavirus infections spotted at Leppävaara elderly centre

Published : 13 Nov 2021, 00:31

  DF Report

Pixabay photo.

Coronavirus infections have been confirmed at the Leppävaara Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens, said the City of Espoo in a press release on Friday.

The authority has placed the infected persons in isolation, identified those exposed to the virus and placed them in quarantine.

The authority contacted with the persons placed in isolation or quarantine.

Screening tests will be carried out at the centre for senior citizens to detect any asymptomatic infections.

In order to prevent further infections, authority recommend that the people should avoid visiting the Leppävaara Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens.

Family members and friends, however, may stay in touch with the senior citizens over phone or through remote communication systems.

Meetings can be arranged outdoors, if permitting and people will need to contact the staff in advance to agree on meeting.

People can also visit the residents of the centre, if they are critically ill or in hospice care.