Tuesday October 26, 2021

People should be fully vaccinated before travelling abroad: THL

Published : 15 Sep 2021, 21:43

Updated : 15 Sep 2021, 21:54

  DF Report

File Photo Xinhua.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommended that all who travel abroad should get full vaccine protection against coronavirus before travelling, said the THL in a press release on Wednesday.

THL has updated its information on travelling and the coronavirus pandemic and said that rapid changes to the COVID-19 epidemic situation are still possible.

All coronavirus vaccines in use in Finland give good protection against coronavirus disease, and excellent protection against its serious forms, while significantly reducing the number of infections and transmissions, said the THL.

The recommendation to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus applies to all travellers who have the possibility to get a coronavirus vaccine in Finland.

The web page also has updated information on the EU COVID Certificate and the countries outside the EU where an EU COVID certificate is currently available.

These countries currently include Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, among others.