Tuesday August 03, 2021

46 cases of allergic reaction to coronavirus vaccine found

Published : 21 Jun 2021, 01:55

Updated : 21 Jun 2021, 01:56

  DF Report

File Photo: City of Helsinki.

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea got 46 reports of anaphylaxis, a severe potentially life-threatening allergic reaction in Finland following coronavirus vaccinations by 15 June, reported national broadcaster Yle, quoting Fimea on Sunday.

The agency, however, termed the figure as low in relation to the millions of vaccine doses administered in the country so far.

"A previous anaphylactic reaction to food won't prevent you from getting the Covid vaccine, but public health institute THL recommends stretching the 15-minute post-vaccination observation period to half an hour," said the Yle report, quoting Liisa Näveri of Fimea as saying.

Out of the 46 incidents of reactions, 40 cases were following Pfizer vaccine shots while six after taking AstraZeneca vaccine.

Persons who have been suffering from the allergic reaction after a dose of an mRNA vaccine will get a viral vector-based shot to complete their vaccination.

Näveri also suggested the people to talk to physicians, if the syndrome of developing an allergic reaction found after getting a coronavirus vaccine.

Fimea received a total of 1,531 notifications of adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccines by mid June. The syndromes included fever, headache, muscle pain and tiredness etc, the Yle report added.