Monday June 21, 2021

Pregnant women may take coronavirus vaccine, if wish: THL

Published : 03 Jun 2021, 22:17

  DF Report

File Photo: Xinhua by Matti Matikainen.

Pregnant women may be vaccinated against coronavirus, if they wish, said the Finnish Institute for Health and welfare (THL) in a press release on Thursday.

A second dose of a coronavirus vaccine can be taken during pregnancy also, if the first dose was administered before the pregnancy. In addition, there is no need to postpone fertility treatments because of coronavirus vaccinations.

In addition, there is no need to postpone fertility treatments because of coronavirus vaccinations.

Pregnancy can increase the risk of contracting serious coronavirus disease, said the THL.

So far, there is little researched information on vaccinating those who are pregnant against coronavirus, but experience, animal tests, and initial research data have not shown any cause for safety concerns.

Many expectant mothers have been vaccinated around the world.

“Those who are pregnant should especially consider being vaccinated if they have an underlying condition that puts them at an elevated risk of contracting serious coronavirus disease. Vaccinations should also be considered in cases in which the expectant mother is at a higher risk of being infected by the coronavirus at work, for example”, said Emma Kajander, Medical Specialist at THL.

The THL also said that coronavirus vaccines may be taken together with other vaccines.

The precautionary interval of 7–14 days between the coronavirus vaccine and other vaccines is being lifted.

This means that all coronavirus vaccines used in Finland can be taken at the same time as other vaccines in accordance with normal vaccine guidelines. For instance, the tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) vaccine, or the tetanus vaccine can be taken without a precautionary interval.

“Hundreds of millions of coronavirus vaccines have been administered, and plenty of experiences from their use have been amassed. On this basis we have noted that a precautionary interval is no longer necessary”, Kajander added.