Wednesday May 22, 2024

EU broadens restrictive measures on Iran

Published : 14 May 2024, 23:30

  DF News Desk
File Photo: Xinhua.

The Council of the European Union (EU) announced on Tuesday its decision to broaden the scope of the EU's sanctions against Iran, citing reasons such as the country's support for Russia, reported Xinhua.

Following Iran's continued military backing of Russia in the Ukraine conflict and support for non-state armed groups in the Middle East and the Red Sea region, as well as recent drone and missile attacks on Israel on April 13, the EU broadened restrictive measures on Iran to encompass missiles, according to a council statement.

Established in July 2023, the EU's framework for restrictive measures on Iran currently prohibits the export of components essential for the construction and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from the EU to Iran. In addition, it imposes travel restrictions to the EU and asset freeze measures on individuals involved in Iran's UAV program.

The export of components used in developing and producing UAVs from the EU to Iran, and the provision of funds or economic resources, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of natural or legal persons, entities, or bodies listed are also prohibited.

On April 22, EU foreign ministers agreed in principle to expand sanctions on Iran. Responding via social media on April 23, Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said: "It is regrettable to see the EU deciding quickly to apply more unlawful restrictions against Iran just because Iran exercised its right to self-defence in the face of Israel's reckless aggression."