Wednesday May 22, 2024

German rail bans cannabis at stations after Nat’l legalization

Published : 21 Apr 2024, 04:51

  DF News Desk
A man smokes a bong during a "Smoke In" in front of the Brandenburg Gate. File Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa.

Passengers on Deutsche Bahn, the state-owned German rail operator, will not be permitted to smoke cannabis on its stations following the legalization of the drug at the beginning of the month, reported dpa.

"Based on the legal ban on cannabis consumption during the day in pedestrian zones and in the vicinity of schools and playgrounds, we would like to safeguard all our passengers at our stations, especially children and young people," a Deutsche Bahn spokeswoman told the mass-circulation Bild tabloid.

The new regulations are to be ready for implementation in around four weeks, after which Deutsche Bahn staff will request passengers "in a friendly way" not to consume cannabis in stations.

The measure will apply in the smoking zones available in certain stations, Deutsche Bahn confirmed to dpa. There is a general smoking ban on German stations, with the exception of designated areas. Cannabis consumption is to be banned here as well.